Kathleen GreVie Odom (nee Jones) is a recognized clairvoyant medium, interspecies communicator, and shamanic practitioner, living and working in the Applegate Valley of southwestern Oregon. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and has completed advanced studies in interspecies communication with Penelope Smith, pioneer in the field. Kathleen has had her own active consulting/teaching practice in interspecies communication for fifteen years. Her spirit medicine practice in Jacksonville, Oregon is supported by the advanced work she has done in shamanic journeywork, soul retrieval, and Medicine for the Earth with Sandra Ingerman and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She has known the spirit of Sasquatch since she was a young child in the Mt. Lassen region of Northern California. Her neighbors in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon include the Sasquatch family. It is her joy to facilitate your spirit connection with these beautiful, wise beings.

Over the many years, Kathleen has learned to hear and speak the language of the Heart, the universal language of all beings. In this universal language, Kathleen hears the words of both the individual and the collective Sasquatch people. It is this blessing of spirit communication which is her joy to reverently and joyfully share with you as she facilitates your enlightenment in alignment with the wisdom on the Sasquatch people.

The wisdom now being shared by Sasquatch is pivotal in shepherding the hairless humans through the upcoming changes on the planet Earth we all share. Sometimes consciously, sometimes in a slight trance state, but always in sacred space with the spirit of Sasquatch, Kathleen channels messages and healing insights from the Sasquatch on your behalf. Because of her extensive training and long-term experience in interspecies communication, shamanic journeywork and spirit medicine in combination with her developed innate abilities as a clairvoyant trance medium, Kathleen Odom is uniquely qualified and capable of easily accessing the spirit world of the Sasquatch people. She is not a fortune-teller. Her consultations have a spiritual focus with the intention of enhancing and expanding the joy and harmony in your life, and thriving the good Earth and all her inhabitants.

The focused intention of all sessions is to bring insight, clarification, confirmation, and guidance to your life issues. Because of the potently powerful spirit of Sasquatch, and because of the ease with which the Sasquatch travel “beyond the veil,” their presence and assistance bring a unique and undeniable richness to all sessions. In the least, these sessions are transformational; and they can be truly life-changing. So, in grateful alignment with and connection to the spirit of Sasquatch, it is Kathleen’s pleasure to offer a variety of communication sessions. All sessions include at least two telephone conversations with the client. For some, though not all, of Kathleen’s private sessions a written transcript is created and mailed to the client for the sole purpose of facilitating deeper insight and integration of the words of Sasquatch for the client.

Please contact Kathleen directly (sasquatchspeaks@gmail.com) for details on and instructions for the consultation process.

Often, though not always (and there are no guarantees), a telepathic session facilitated by Kathleen becomes an almost immediate catalyst for the client to then experience direct telepathic communication with the Sasquatch people. This can happen by way of dreams, visions, physical signs, and/or direct telepathic words between the Sasquatch and the heart-focused client. It’s as if the initial facilitated session opens the door to many possibilities of expanded and enriched connection with the Sasquatch people.

....and it is said....

In 2010, Kathleen worked as a special consultant on the film, Letters from the Big Man, filmed in southern Oregon and a “Sasquatch” film like none other (www.lettersfromthebigman.com). Christopher Munch, writer/director of the highly acclaimed film, had this to say about Kathleen and her spirit work with the Sasquatch:

      “….In 2009, I began work with an exceptional interspecies communicator, Kathleen GreVie Odom, whose strong capabilities as a trance medium facilitated a more rigorous communication with Sasquatch and in fact resulted in the voice-over spoken by our hero Sasquatch in the film. The words are theirs.”
      Mr. Munch goes on to say, “Kathleen Odom is an interspecies communicator whose exceptional gifts were of incalculable benefit to me during the making of the motion picture, Letters from the Big Man. I greatly admire the degree to which she is able to shut off ‘Kathleen’ and become an extremely pure channel for the collective voice of Sasquatch, or any individual Sasquatch with whom she opens a connection by way of heartful purpose, desire, and intent. Kathleen’s skill has been borne out time and again in the most practical of terms. I believe her strong connection to Sasquatch, and the degree to which she honors them and will never speak an untruthful word on their behalf, has its origins outside this life, perhaps in a civilization in which contact between humans and Sasquatch was or is more regular. It is staggering to consider the complexity of translation that takes place within her on biological and spiritual levels in order to bring the words of Sasquatch to us with clarity and their characteristic generosity of spirit. We would do well to learn from Kathleen as we attempt, with ever-expanding wisdom, to build bridges to other species, seen and unseen, with whom we share this multi-dimensional planet.”

“The highlight for me was connecting with a practitioner who is articulate in the ways of spirit and brings information and guidance through with a high level of integrity and real caring. ….I was looking for guidance and information. The insights and clarification are still happening weeks after the session.”
      — R.M. Oregon

“Very interesting and informative session. Many thanks! The session gave more insight on their affiliations with the ‘Grays,’ which was needed. (would you recommend Kathleen’s work?) Yes – definitely!
      — L.C. Georgia

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